Bob Louthan

Robert P. Louthan is Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for Transact Capital Securities. He has over 36 years of business experience, including 28 years in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Mergers and Acquisitions. In 2004, Bob founded Alpha Omega Capital Securities, an investment banking firm which was later acquired by Transact Capital in 2012.  […]

Seth Wilkinson

Prior to joining Transact Capital, Seth was a licensed securities representative with Raymond James, and an investment banking analyst with a middle-market investment bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Seth has project-finance and capital markets experience, having worked as a project-finance analyst within the biopharmaceutical sector, and a graduate of the Deloitte Capital Markets Graduate […]

Luc Maestrello

Luc is a Senior Analyst with the firm. He brings a variety of experiences within the healthcare, real estate, and technology industries. He previously worked in operations for a family healthcare practice and was the CFO of an E-commerce startup based in Richmond. Luc attended Hampden-Sydney College and obtained his B.S. in Business Economics and […]

Susan Clark

Susan is Director of Operations for Transact Capital with more than 15 years of experience leading teams.  Before coming to Transact, Susan spent 11 years working for the United Methodist Church, leading teams and mission trips throughout the east coast.  Susan was also a speaker at conferences and advisor to new Directors.     Susan has […]

David Kadycz

David is a third year banker, with a background in International Commercial Real Estate investments. Prior to joining Transact Capital, David worked for I-Deals LLC, where he was part of an international team, responsible for in-depth evaluations of potential investments for an Israeli- American equity group. As a vice president with Transact Capital, David brings […]

Jonathan Brabrand

Jonathan Brabrand is a Managing Director at Transact Capital Partners. Jonathan is passionate about helping businesses prosper and maximize value to their employees, customers, communities, and owners. Instilled with a spirit of entrepreneurism from a young age, Jonathan draws on his experience as a business owner, trusted strategic advisor, and investment banker to identify and […]

Matt Kanne

Matt spent the last two years as a real estate portfolio manager at Union Bank (former Xenith Bank).  There he gained wide exposure to the commercial lending environment including underwriting, structuring terms, and managing client expectations.  Prior to the bank, he completed a work study with NVR Ryan Homes and served as a supervisor for […]

Ross Harris

Ross has significant investment banking experience working on deals in a variety of sectors including manufacturing and distribution with BB&T. Before beginning his career in investment banking Ross served as an Army Officer and graduate of Virginia Military Institute with his B.A., and William and Mary with his MBA. Ross has completed both his Series […]

Tony Vincent

Tony is Managing Director at Transact Capital. Prior to joining the firm, Tony founded Alpha Omega Capital Partners (AOCP) in 1998 and served as President until 2011. Located in Richmond, Virginia, AOCP was one of the region’s leading investment banking and business brokerage firms. Earlier in his career, Tony was President of the Industrial Filtration […]